Have you ever cried in the Deer Woods ??


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once, opening day 1984, my father passed away unexpectedly two weeks before and I hunted his big platform stand in the middle of a clearcut up in a loan wallnut tree in Morgan county, as I sat in his big comfy lazyboy type chair looking over the afternooon setting sun I couldnt help but think of all the great times we shared in the same stand, me as as dumb bright eyed kid and my dad telling me how to handel the gun when we would see a deer. him telling me stories of his adventures afield bird hunting. fishing and deerhunting. as I sat there that day I felt a strong feeling that he was there , calming my nerves, telling me to hold the gun steady as I saw the 9 pt buck ease out into the edge of the clearcut looking for a receptive doe, his calming word in my mind helped as I put the old 30-30 he had giving me on my 10th birthday out the shooting window of the box stand. as I put the cross hairs on the bucks chest I could swear to this day I heard my old man said "easy now , take your time, take a deep breath and squease the trigger , dont jerk it!". I look at that 9 pointer on the wall every day when I walk in the door and remember that day, the day I sat on the ground in the edge of a clearcut in Morgan county with my hand grasping the rack of the buck that should have been my dads and cried like a little baby.
I miss you dad, happy fathers day! :cheers:
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I got all choked up and teary eyed on this hunt .....

I shot this deer on the fly and she flipped and dropped at the shot. I dont know why she was not dead as I hit her in the vitals and spine. The deer was only 11 yards away, so my daughter could see everything - she could see the deer kicking and bucking and gasping for breath.
When I slit the deer's throat my daughter just broke down and bawled!!!! Broke my heart.
I drug the deer up to our buckets and as the deer laid at our feet and I held my daughter's little hand, we spoke of the dominion principle and biology and deer management and the reasons I hunt ... very humbling and emotional experience seeing my daughter cry over the dieing deer.

I got all choked up and teary eyed on this hunt also; long after the deer was dead.
We got on stand and my son asked to sit on my lap. As soon as he got on my lap a herd of doe deer came whizzing by, and I got a shot into one of them, but she did run off out of sight. The hunt had not even started so we had to sit tight until the hunt was over. One of the dog men came to us and helped me track and drag the deer back to the truck.

Right after I snapped this pic I noticed my son had this "funny" look on his face - you can see it to some degree in this pic - if you knew him you could see it, almost like he is about to cry - anyways I ask him "What's wrong son?" and he replys "Im so happy I could cry daddy."
I just about lost it - and I cant explain why. Maybe it is the joy and pride of knowing my child has unexplainable happiness on the inside? Or perhaps knowing that we shared a great time together?

The 1st and only hunt I ever went on with my Grandpa resulted in him missing 2 deer. Grandpa died many years ago of a massive heart attack. He was a "Man's Man", hard and tough as nails, a combat war vet, and a hunter.
Every so often he will enter the forefront of my mind while I am hunting and I miss him and my eyes water up. I miss him!!
In January of '97 I was hunting in Ala. It was my 1st time in the woods since Ginny died. I had spent the last month taking care of everyone else, trying to get us functioning again, and through the holidays.

I sat up in those trees and cried for hours at a time. All I could think about was how badly she wanted us to get any deer on her last hunt before the bone marrow transplant. I felt like I had let her down. Thinking back, I probably should not have had a gun in my hands at the time.

Women talk about how a "good cry" makes them feel better, I can't relate, it gives me a terrible headache!
Yep, many times. Cried for lost hunting friends who were passed on, for my Dad who was my biggest hunting encouragement, for the wonders of what I have seen in nature. Just for the joy of being able to spend another year in the woods.


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Not yet.

Can't say that I have cried in the woods yet. However, I certainly do appreciate and value the time I get to spend there. I enjoy the first ray of sunlight that touches my skin on those cold mornings. I enjoy the time I get to spend talking to God. Soul searching, thinking of my family and friends.
People who don't get to enjoy the time on the woods, just aren't as fortunate.
I will say that I do expect to get teary eyed one day in the next couple of years when my son starts hunting with me.
The day he kills his first deer I expect will be one full of emotion.

And I can't wait for it!!!


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Two Years Ago My Son Took His First Deer With Me He Was 9 Years Old.when We Walked Up On The Deer [spike] I Told Him How I Longed To Have A Son To Pass The Tradition On To And How His Grandfather Would Be So Proud Of Him If He Could Be There To See It.my Father Had Passed Away In 98.funny Thing When We Got Home He Told His Mom How Excited He Was To Kill The Deer,but When Daddy Walked Up On It He Was Crying Like A Baby.made Me Laugh.
I cried when i killed my first deer, I was hunting on the corner of a rye field in late december, my grandpa dropped me off, i was 15 at the time, he went and sat at the other corner, right at dark 3 does came out and i aimed and shot and one of them dropped, i was so excited, i was yelling " grandpa i got one, i finally got one" I yelled it over and over again till i had tears running down :cry: , I could hear my grandpa whistling letting me know he could hear me, but i was so excited im sure the whole county hurd me, as i climber out of my stand my grandpa came over and gave me a hug and told me how proud he was, it was a very touching moment for me. I had been hunting since i was 9 and had went my first 4 yrs without seeing a deer, and i still stuck with it, then a missed a few and to finally connect on one i was overwhelmed and so happy.


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I havn't yet , but I might ; I understand how you could. I don't think it makes you any less of a man. If you are crying at the drop of a hat you may need to consult with someone and get some treatments and medication for depression which is a very serious condition.


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Dang we are up yo 34 replies, let me put on a dress, open up a bottle of white zinfadel and savor the moment.

come on guys, we are guys. we are proud of accomplishments in the woods whether it is us, our family or friends. we enjoy every moment in the woods even if it is 95 degrees out, we love dragging that deer 1/2 mile back to the truck. but do we cry over it.............no, because we are MEN. Did Lewis cry to Clark about Sacajawewa........No. Did Stanley and Livingston have a cry fest, NO, So come on, stand up, throw off that bra, grab that gun amd let's go get us some game like our ancestors.

Is it just me but is society trying to make men into women.
old iron climbing stand

fell out of an iron climbing stand about 12-13 years ago. I cried for a little while. I left the treestand in the pine and now it is a permanent fixutre in the tree.

When I killed my first big buck I kneeled down beside it and gave praise to Jesus. No tears just pride. I brought the deer by my "grannys" house and will always remember how proud she was of me.

my uncle cried after I told him I killed it off his stand after he fell to show up for the afternoon hunt.

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never. The only time I came close is when I remeberd Bambi. J/K


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hope ol piper has flood insurance every time he watches "Ol Yeller"

kinda hard to watch TV with the couch swimmin
Come on now!!!

I thought this was a hunters website, not a Redbook reunion. Are we going to start sharing secrets about how to watch Oprah or jenny Jones without the wife or kidddies finding out?? Or that you all really read Cosmo in the John?? I say lets all not shave for a week, drink all weekend, and go hang a treestand, and find the optimal place for our corn feeders, before we start talkin about who is tearin up over ole yeller, and the treestand that pinched our wrinkly butts!!!! :cheers:
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Iv talked to God while on my deer stand and had tears roll down like The Niagra Falls.

3 years ago, on the last day of the season, on the last hunt, I was standing on my truck tailgate on the edge of a big broom straw field, watching the sun get lost over the horizon and listening to the dogs burn a trail in a cypress swamp and it was a moment suspended in time for me.
It was as if God Himself came and stood next to me; I realized how good He has been to me and how good I had it made, and I stood there with gun in my hands as tears flowed down my cheeks - cleaned my soul out!!
AMEN brother. I know from my own personal experiences what you witnessed or lived that day. I too talk to God sometimes in the field. Twice I have been so overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions that I wept, uncontrollably, and I know it was God. Either time I felt all emotions, not at once but one right after the other, from the pain of losing my father to cancer to the joy of my children's lives and the thought of me being so lucky to have the treasures that the lord has given me...beautiful wife, three healthy kids that love me very much, a great place to hunt and fish, and the wonderful life experiences that have filled my life thus far. The only thing I really don't have is a lot of money. But, I've never missed a payment and we have what we need. Thank god. When the tears were drying up, it was almost unbelievable because no matter how hard I tried I could not get the same feeling back. But, I was filled with love, and understanding that, well, I just know it was God consoling my soul and letting me know that he does all of this ...for me.