Have you ever had one of those days?

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When everything just falls into place. Well today was that day for me. Got on the pond with a couple buds and the kiddies to put some fish in the boats for dinner. The morning started off slow but after one move to a better location it was on and cracking. Doubles, triples, quads and one run where we had eight lines go off one after the other. When the crappie slowed down the white bass picked up. Best part for me was mostly all of the fish were caught on homemade jigs and grubs. Caught so much that the kids had to take a break and watch a movie. Got it all on film but too tired to put it together. It was an epic day and the smiles were flowing all day.:yeah:



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Oh yeah ....That's just daggum awesome right there my friend....Those kids will remember that for a lifetime ! Keep making memories pal:bounce:
Very nice Chris. Great to see all the smiles on them youngsters faces.:clap:


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Well done.