He has arrived!!!

when mine were that size I bought a 10,000 one time paid up life insurance policy. At that time I think it was just over 300 and they have that insurance for the rest of their lives.

I think now you could probably buy a 25,000 policy for less than $500.00


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Congrats on achieving one of God’s greatest blessings. In 25-30 years you will see his greatest blessings.
I missed this thread first time around.



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Glad to see little man is doing great , hope y’all had a great Christmas !
Nice looking young man. I like he has a fishing rod in his hands. I’m fixing to be a grandfather for the first time in a couple weeks, it’s a boy. He‘ll be a fisherman for sure. May God bless your son with abundance.


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Late but still relevant. Congrats on the new hunting partner you have a great looking family. Enjoy the ride it goes by way too fast.
Congratulations. I'm glad he's doing well. Your post brought back some tough memories. My oldest son arrived unexpectedly at 8 weeks premature and spent 23 days in the NICU. Between his NICU stay and the 4 surgeries he had before his 1st birthday, there ain't too much that rattles him these days. He's 6 now and is the best helper and big brother to his 3 year old and 4 month old little brothers.


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My son is only 16 but trust me when I say don’t blink. It will go by way too fast.
Thank you all, he is such a blessing. Guess I should mention that we did get his Georgia Lifetime Hunting and Fishing license so he is set for life!!
I don't like to spend money on much of anything, but a lifetime license was one of the best purchases I have every made.

Spend every second you can with him, because he will indeed be grown before you know it.


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I missed this thread in the original format. Congrats, and glad everything turned out good. You have a fine son.