Heads up, Fred: Mike Huckabee is snaring your audience

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Howard Roark

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Heads up, Fred: Mike Huckabee is snaring your audience

Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 04:16 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Scott Johnson, the strictly neutral chairman of the Cobb County GOP, was among those checking out Mitt Romney at the Varsity on Wednesday.

He’s got no dog in the presidential hunt, at least publicly. But Johnson had this bit of news:

Mike Huckabee, who finished a surprising second behind Romney in the Iowa straw poll, will be addressing Cobb County Republicans at their monthly breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Huckabee also has appearances in Georgia on Sept. 22 and 23, though I’m not sure they’re campaign events. One is an appearance at First Redeemer in Cummings, one of the largest Southern Baptist congregations in the state.


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Mike Huckabee is the man! Keep a close watch on him and listen to what he says and how he says it and you too can become a believer.


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Fred is starting to lose his luster to many republicans. I think it is probably because they are looking to get behind someone but he won't commit.
I remain a Duncan Hunter man until such time as PHRED gets in the game and maybe for some time after that. I always support and vote principle in the primary.


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Fred is starting to lose his luster to many republicans. I think it is probably because they are looking to get behind someone but he won't commit.
Russ, I agree!

Fred is "standing back".

Gov. Huckabee is "standing up"! and moving forward with a strong commitment to a strong platform!

We have something to be excited about again and a true conservative candidate to unite behind!


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My father lives in Arkansas and worked for the state during the Clinton administration while clinton was gov. When Huckabee took office my father was laid off with everyone else. My father has first hand knowledge of Mike and clinton also. My father is a devout Rep. and here is what he has to say about Huckabee:

"He pardoned a TON of inmates. Many were set loose and some killed folks, got BACK into prison, and he pardoned them AGAIN, and they killed yet AGAIN! His only real job was as a Baptist Preacher before he was Governor. I guess somehow he thinks he's being 'compassionate' by pardoning everyone he sees.

He calls Arkansas a Banana Republic. He did that on talk radio WHILE he was Governor. Twice.

He had a 'secret supplier' who set him up in neat expensive suits, and lots of under the table gifts. He apparently doesn't practice what he preaches.

He says he's a fiscal conservative, but he raised so many taxes it's unreal. The State now has such a surplus, the new Democratic Governor and Legislature can't even spend it fast enough (though they are trying)!! They won't cut taxes, either, of course.

He can sound great. Bill Clinton merely tried to sound like a Baptist Preacher (and did quite well at it, had the intonation down, and all). Huckabee is one.

He bought a "state funded" semi-personal airplane and flew everywhere on it. Said it "saved money".

When he left the Governor's Office, he had the State Agency that I used to work for physically destroy the hard drives out of every computer in the Governor's office. I mean with a sledgehammer! State property! He had them magnetized, THEN obliterated with sledgehammers. He won't answer what was on them that he didn't want anyone to see.

This article, and many others, are based on what he is saying, not what he has actually done.

Of course, that's what we vote on, isn't it? We don't pay ANY attention to what a man's character is, only his reputation. We listen to the words, and think he/she is telling us the truth. We listen to what these idiots say, and never hold their feet to the fire afterwards when they do the opposite.

But he's better than Hillary or Obama. That's about all I can say good about him.

I'm sure his stock will rise. Americans are like sheep. First time they see one maverick headed out in a new direction, they follow."