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I have some relatively high expectations for this year. Saw a good many deer last year, more so than years past. This included a lot of young bucks that should be shooters this year.
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You fellas got any pics you could share? I'm always interested in what other hunters are seeing in Heard. I think Heard still has some very good deer genetics despite what others always seem to say about our herd.
I haven't even pulled a card yet. I'll try to grab some asap. I agree, the genetics are still here. There are still some really good deer in the county.
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Saw an ole wise doe Saturday morning but she caught my wind and trotted back the way she came. I saw a doe with her fawns this evening. I got a short video of it with my phone. I'd post it but I'm not sure how to embed videos from my phone.


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I hunt in a club close to Corinth. We have lots of trail cam pics, including some really nice bucks. A couple appear to be 130-140 and one that is really big.

Unfortunately, this happens every year. We get pictures, everyone gets excited, then tumbleweeds during rifle season. Not just bucks, but total deer sightings in general. Am guessing it is a food source thing, however, we do have acorns and plenty of browse.

We all usually get a deer or two, just that we rarely see the big ones we have pictures of. Hoping this year is different.
I'll be the first to admit I can pattern summer deer like a pro, big bucks on trail cams week after week. Even in daylight, all hours. But then it's time to hunt and they have vanished. Not even getting on camera anymore. And I don't pressure them, have many stands on several properties so I move around. And it's the same everywhere. Beats me, wish I could do in fall what I can in summer


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We border the WMA on the Snake Creek Access side no sign on our club yet.


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We are in the southwest corner between the wma and Glenn . Seen a couple of rubs and one of the other members has seen a scrape. But we don't generally have much rutting activities till last week of November and first of September. Also I don't know if anyone else is having the same issue but it seems that we are down on deer population
I've got a lot of night time activity on the scrapes right now. Got a couple 2 year old 8's that will get a pass, unless the wife wants to shoot one.
Bucks are cruising big time the last 3 days. Lots of young bucks seen. Dad saw 2 borderline bucks with one of those being one he probably should have shot. I saw an absolute stud at first light Saturday and he never slowed for a shot.
Lots of action near Franklin! Bucks cruising. Good bucks being seen and harvested. Time to be in the woods. Happy Thanksgiving!!!