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Saw three doe this morning. Still no bucks following. Wind was horrible today. I was sitting on the edge of a food plot in some thick pines about 30’ up a pine tree just off the Hilibahatchee. They came slipping through those pines. Watched them for a good while hoping that a buck would come cruising through with them but nada. I’m off the whole week of Christmas and plan on getting plenty of stand time in.
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Here’s a couple pics of a small buck and some thunder chickens and one from the last sit of the season this evening. Had a spike come in about 15 minutes before last light. Tried to get some pics and video but there just wasn’t enough light. Only shot one doe all season but it’s probably been one of the best in a long time in Heard Co as for seeing deer. I hunted probably 25-30 times and saw deer basically almost every time except for a handful of times. I’ve seen more doe this year than any year in recent memory. Saw a few small bucks that should be good up and comers and several button heads. Even though I only shot the one doe the good Lord sure has blessed me in the woods this year. I think things are looking up for our little club in North West Heard. Here’s to looking forward to spring gobblers. Hope everyone else had a great season as well.


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What are you guys seeing this year? I picked up a second lease and have a few decent bucks running around. How old do you think this buck is? I am thinking 3.5. Can't wait to see how big he gets. WGI_0119.JPG WGI_0139.JPG WGI_0590.JPG