Help! My wife wants her golf cart to...

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I got my wife a EZ-GO Workhorse Clays Cart for Christmas and now she wants it to go FASTER! :eek:

I'm guessing it goes about 12~15mph now but she would like to get it up to Mach 2 :speechles okay maybe 20~25mph will be good for now.

I'm sure there are a few of ya'll w/ a gas cart. What's it going to take to bump it some? I know speed is a function of money spent so how fast can I go for easy adjustments & then how fast can we make it go with some $$$.

I'll wait till she gets used to 25mph before we ad the turbo & nitrous kits ::gone:


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stumpman said:
Mine was older. You can wind a spring in the drive and that will help. Call the cart place where you bought it. They should help.

There. Now most people will understand it. ::ke:


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25 mph in a golf cart is smoking! Their steering and suspensions aren't designed for that! :eek: I wouldn't do it. Sounds like she wants something else. This from a guy who's seen triple digit speeds on two wheels more often than common sense should allow.
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You can also remove the governor, but if you do, you will be replacing the rings quite often and eventually the motor. And like LSU said, the sterring and suspension is not designed for that speed. Both of my parents work for EZGo and I worked the test track when I was in college. We tested those cars in all kinds of scenarios, including holding the governor open with a bungee cord. You WILL tear that thing up by increasing the speed on the stock motor. And you will be more likely to flip it on its side at higher speeds. If you want something faster, buy something different!