Hensley hitch


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Don't have one, but have studied them a bit. Fantastic design, but they are right proud of it.

I usually fall on the side of thinking that says a properly matched tow rig to the trailer being towed, along with a quality weight distribution hitch (with built in sway control), will do the job nicely. Here's a favorite, and often very reasonably priced. They key is to get the right rate spring bars for your trailer.
Don't be tricked by the cheaper one with a similar sounding name.

Those numbers you need come from a 3-pass trip to the local truck scales. There is not a reliable substitute for scaling your setup.

So often, the hitch itself isn't setup properly, even at the dealer. The tow rig isn't strong enough to handle the trailer, or payload of the tow rig is at/over capacity. Tire pressures truck and trailer, are often wrong, or tow rig tires aren't rated properly for the job.

Most often, folks setup for "visual level", and as a result, the tongue weight isn't heavy enough, which produces sway at speed.

Here's a tutorial in case you haven't checked yours out: this fellow knows his stuff...
Cat Scale Weights

Anyhow, be sure to eliminate all the basics before jumping off the Hensley cliff. I think that hitch design, overcomes lots of little mistakes on setup, so it may not really be needed in the end, with a little homework on your end.

Good luck, happy camping!


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Not sure about Hensley but, I can attest to the Equal-I-zer.
I have the 14k model and it works great. I have never really had an issue with sway, even with smaller loads but, I needed a weight distribution because of the tongue weight of my toy hauler.
Not too bad to get setup but, you will need a LARGE socket and about a 400 lb/ft torque wrench. Dealer will most likely do it. Smaller size, you may be able to do yourself with common tools.