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You’re not the only hunter after them. Took CJ for a ride through the place today and we came up on a hawk on the deck. He flew off as we got close and I looked over a saw a Gopher Tortoise. Thought it was weird a hawk would mess with one, so I get out to make sure the Gopher is ok and find this is what Mr. Redtail was eating on.
I have mixed feelings about that one.
It's a cool find but dang. There is definitely no shortage in hawk we're I hunt this year and between them and the squirrels..... it has made for a few annoying hunts.
I was hunting squirrel a few years ago at a different WMA and you had to log your harvest. I read the list one day and the difference between hunting them with a rifle and hawk was night and day. A few Grey's on the rifle list and then the falconry log was more like 7 Grey's 2 fox, 8 Grey's, 4 Grey's 3 fox. Ect... The success rate based on the log sheet was incredible. In my opinion. This was early season as well, hard hunting for squirrel.
talked to another gentlemen about this but he thinks it may have been something different. I have seen a hawk on two separate occasions, two different ponds dive from the sky into the water and then fly away with massive fish.


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We keep the squirrels and rabbits around so the hawks will not solely target the quail.
Good idea.
I've never thought of that.

Of course, I've seen MAYBE 3 wild covey in 20 years.facepalm:

Wild crossing with pen raised= dumb quail and the "reintroduction" of Coyote ruined the quail population in my area.

Those 3 I mentioned, 2 were in wayyyy South Georgia and one (the largest) was on the banks of the Diversion Canal. Santee- Cooper lakes.

We were tore up with quail here starting to fall fast in 80'- 82'.
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About ‘84 or ‘85 we used to take my buddies Dads Britney’s and just walk land we’d stop and ask permission about. It was nothing to get 8-9 coveys a walk...and we were 16-17yr olds using borrowed dogs. Even back then we didn’t go after singles after a flush. Everywhere down here had wild birds.


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Since we started killing off fire ants, the quail around here have returned. We have plenty of them and turkeys.