interesting development in Ohtani gambling case


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You'll never convince me that Ohtani had no knowledge of the $17 mil gambling debt. Fletcher may be a potential whistle blower, but he'll end up being the fall guy. MLB won't touch Ohtanii.

Speaking of coincidences... I find it odd that the Braves haven't placed Riley on the IL because "they don't feel like a suitable fill-in is available in AAA currently". Meanwhile all of this noise surrounding Fletcher pops up at about the same time...


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The "gee, I had no idea that $17 million disappeared from my account" explanation doesn't play for me. Either Ohtani, if he took care of his own banking (unlikely), or his accountant, would have raised a flag if that happened.

I am not saying Ohtani illegally gambled, don't know enough to claim that. But I am saying there has to be more to this story than what we are getting. It is just beyond belief that an $85,000 a year interpreter had unfettered and unaudited access to Ohtani's fortune.

And yes @biggdogg, MLB was far too quick to claim their biggest star was innocent.

I don't think this story is over.


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Pete Rose. Paging Pete Rose to the courtesy desk. You have an important phone call from MLB.