Hog Corn

I've read on this forum that soaking it in diesel fuel will keep everything away except hogs. I never tried it so I can't offer anything more.

Saw a guy complaining a couple weeks ago about his deer eating his corn that was soaked in diesel. Bury it is what we do. Other animals will eat some but not as much as if it’s easy to get
What @sghoghunter said. I usually either make sour corn or put something sweet in it, spread it all over and dig a few holes and put 1/2 or better in the ground and cover it up. Deer will eat what’s on top but the smell will still be there to bring in hogs which will eat what’s buried.


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Not much,other than set your timers to go off right at dark. That eliminates the birds & squirrels having all day to eat it. I only run feeders INSIDE of Corral traps on our property…NO Corn,etc outside of a trap…


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You can make a slop or just use corn...pour in some milk will help. What we do is use an auger and dig down about 30" or so. Pour the corn in. The coons will get a little off the top but the best part is it seems to drive the hogs crazy trying to get to the corn. They will root the entire hole up and you will be left with a 4 foot wide crater. Good part is it keeps them there and makes them work so you can set up for a good shot.


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i do things a little different , I'm definitely not a hog expert but I am kinda cheap . Especially since corn became so expensive, I started out w/ just about a 20" deep hole w/ phd s .. I only put about a qt of corn in the hole and dribble GRAPE kool-aid premixed powder in and around . That will be the last time you have to use the phd s. deer and raccoons will come from far and wide bc of the kool-aid but won't dig it up nearly as readily as a hog. It'll look like a mini-ex dug it up. fix it so it'll drain rain water out