Hog dog types vs pitbulls

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I have seen lots of stuff going around about what is a pitbull and what is not and they all contradict each other. I have never seen more beautiful bulldogs than Ive seen in south Georgia and frankly the rest look like mutts. I remember the old time biker pitbulls that were little yellow dogs with boxy heads. But here we have these big beautiful bulldogs everyone calls pits. Are these pitbulls too? What is the deal with all this? Some people even say rednose arent real pits. They are the oldest I thought going back to ancient roman bulldogs. I would like to learn more about this.


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Pitbull is term use loosely just as bulldog is used loosely. To me a true bred Pitbull is a short stocky game bred style dog that had a high prey drive and was bred to fight anything you put in front of him. I feel hog hunters like I was bred the traits that would suit us best. Other Bulldogs were bred for there traits and temperament in order to perform the job needed of them. I think you could still find a game bred Pitbull if you looked hard enough But that being said do your research on that style of dog they have good ones and bad ones just as any breed does. Some of the names you are going to encounter that I've heard are brindle bull, pit, American Pit, white English, red nose , blue nose depending on where your at and who your talking too Good luck with your research and I hope you find what your looking for.