Hog Dogs Pine Log Mountain Wma

Is anyone planning on running dogs on Pine Log Mountain WMA next year during the hog only season ? I’ve been hunting them heavily this year.
Where is this Pine Mtn you speak of and what time year is it ?

Or I could google it !

Found it. May 16-31. Probably too hot down that way that time of year ? Or no ?
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Have you seen or killed any big ones at Pinelog? I’ve seen some giants out there! I don’t have a dog, but I love to be out there when they are?
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I have seen quite a few decent sized hogs out there. I hear them more often than I see them. As far as killing any big ones goes, i have not. Ive shot one sow there in the three years i have been hunting it. On a side note, I have your long sought after black and white dalmatian colored one on camera from a little earlier on this year.