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Headed to Ogeechee River tomorrow to TRY to put up a home made hog feeder. It is a thirty gal. garbage can with a Moultrie feeder. The problem for this 83 old hunter will be suspending the can between two trees by running a cable at 12 ft. high and hooking a winch to the feeder. Will try fifty pounds of corn and increasing it until I can not lift. Hope to get some within bow range. Lots of deer sign so expect them to eat some of the corn. Will take down before deer season.


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If you can find a limb at the height you want it and attach a pulley with a piece of small chain. Then run your cable through it . Then attach winch to a tree and you want have to do any lifting . Whatever you decide be careful , it’s hot out . Sir I’ve followed your post on here for several years and you are a warrior and a inspiration . Keep on keeping on 👍 I wish you was close to me , It would be a honor to give you a hand . Good luck with the pigs
I made one like that but I bolted a 2x4 to it and used a few small pieces of 2x4 to make a gap betwenn 2x4 and tree.
I attached it to a big tree with two ratchet straps.
I can easily fill it with a 3 step kitchen ladder but I do it 25 lbs at a time. I am 75!
Not my picture but where I got the idea. I did make some 55 gallon ones for the deer lease. They work great and last a long time.


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Finally got feeder up despite some delays. Main problem was my pilot hole was not large enough for the half inch screw eye. Fortunately a friend was working less than two miles on Christmas decorations and had a drill and bit for a pilot hole. The 30 gal. can is water proof, squirrel, rust and hog proof. It required climbing up and down trees six times in my climber plus four hours instead of two. Also put out 5 gal bucket with corn and rocks for hogs to roll around tree. Might not see a single hog but having fun in the heat and red bugs.