Hog hunt near Tifton

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I have a friend that live s near Tifton. I have been on to him for a year or 2 to find me a farmer or two to allow me to hunt hogs on their land. He has finally found me a couple of promising situations. I hope to get down there sometime in January or February to do some hog hunting. How do I go about making sure the weekend is as successful as possible? I was hoping to have them drop some bait in a couple of spots the week before we come. But what else can we do to help us bag a few? I imagine thermal scopes would be an advantage. Any tips, techniques or advice to help some non hog hunters put a few in the freezer?


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Baiting will help but... keep in mind that everybody and there cousin has been throwing corn out for months due to deer season. If its cold there gonna eat. They need it to survive. Think outside the box with your bait. Give them another option other than standard corn or add some good stuff to the corn for souring. I have used cheap dry cat food in the past. Mix it with cracked corn and broadcast over a decent size area. Make em work to find it. Good luck.