hog killing day

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600 this morning we got the fire going,filled our 55 gallon barrell with water and had at it.about 715 we shot the first one ,a sow that weighed around 200 lbs.set in scalding her and then went to scraping.had her hanging and dressed in about 30 minutes.after refilling the barrell with water and chunking up the fire we got a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee and wait on the water to reheat.at 830 we shot the boar and started the rutine over.by 1030 we had both hogs cut up and put in the meat house ready to salt.all this before breakfast.can anybody say pooped.
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mixed up some light brown sugar,coarse salt black pepper and crushed red pepper,rubbed the shoulders,hams and middlings real good cut up some tenderloin for supper and gonna smoke some ribs tomorrow mmm mmm gooood!!



OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need one of them at the Cookout................ :clap: :clap: