Hog Processors???

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Does anyone know of any processors that will take hogs preferably mid-west ga. We live in Paulding Cty. and hunt in Dooly but was wanting a Processor closer so that we wouldnt have to drive 2.5 hrs to get our meat.
Taylor's Deer Processing (770-646-5850) in Buchanan has done hogs for me. Shouldn't be to far from you and I was very happy with his work.


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Cut out the backstraps and make boneless pork chops, freeze the tenderloins whole. Debone the hams and shoulders and either grind to sausage or smoke whole. Save the 65-80 bucks

mike bell

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Most deer processors cant take hogs because of the type of set up they have. The Rack Shack in Waynesboro now takes them after DNR OK'ed it after it met the qualifications. He said they have to be able to wash the the place down. That means NO WOOD! it has to be metal.

At least thats what I was told.