Hogs on John's Mountain WMA

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I am thinking about going to John's mountain this weekend to hog hunt and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to try? Any information would be appreciated thanks.
ive been up to johns a little bit and never seen any hog sign up there and i read in GON that the Johns Creek Watershed is a good spot to look
but there are a few ive seen em on the check station board from this past season


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good luck! I've not been to Johns Mt but was thinking about doing the same thing in a few weeks.
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Thanks I appreciate it! I actually got to go there to day and found a few signs but nothing too recent. Nothing seemed to be moving today. Didnt even see a squirrel!


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Someone put out an article and TC photos of some big ones there....try the other hog hunting section..


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When I used to take my daughter to The Girl scout camp close by there was a lot of sign along any of the creeks in the area. Shes been out of college for 4 years so its been a while.