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I am slowly accumulating targets both bag and 3D for personal use. Can you guys share some of your setups and maybe pics of unusual and creative ideas?

Todd Cook

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I've got a 10 target course set up in the woods behind my house. We shoot it just taking turns calling the shots; no formal stakes. It's far enough from everything so we can shoot from both sides safely. Sometimes we keep score- first person to 100. Sometimes we play kill/no kill. You get a point for a kill shot, nothing for a miss, and lose a point for a wound.


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I have 5 targets in the back yard. One of these is a blob target that I have set farther away than any of the 3-D targets. I shoot them from varying distances and angles. I can line up shots between trees and through holes in bushes. Makes it entertaining. I just wish I could hit them...

Keeping score is a good habit. Tells you if you had a really good session or not.