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I have some conicals that I want to lub. Question is: does anyone make their own lub? I have a 50 caliber and shooting it out of a St. Louis Hawken. Also where do you get the raw material for the lub?
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Mike from Rabun


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I usually make my won lubes and have tried any number of formulas. I generally use a mixture of peanut oil and beeswax. I melt the beeswax and add enough to the oil that once it cools it is a fairly firm mixture a little thicker than peanut butter. Works well for patched roundball, but make it a little stiffer and I suspece it would be good for conicals. I load black powder 45/70s and use it to lube the old style 405 grain bullets with it and it does well. Pretty much any lube folks make is a mixture of beeswax and a vegetable oil.