Honeymoon locations?

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Any recommendations on particular resorts for a honeymoon? We have about decided against Hawaii due to time constraints and the better half is now leaning towards Cancun. The criteria I have been given is that it must be a beach. I thought a Canadian deer hunt might be fun but that choice was shot down quickly.


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The yellow glow of a Motel 6 porch light really makes for a romantic setting.


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Oh yeah, and you save enough money to go on the Canadian hunt without her.
The Grand Lido San Souci in Ocho Rios Jamaica was one of the best vacations I have ever been on (or will ever go on). It was rated at one time one of the top ten resort locations in the world. It is of course all inclusive and is priced reasonably well.


Plus if you are as daring as me....it has a great neked beach. :speechles

I have been to Cancun a couple of times and to Jamaica a couple as well, nothing has even come close to this place.



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Been to Ocho Rios also very nice place and lots of stuff to do. Might look in to a crusie of the carribbean... thats where me and the wife honeymooned and the rocking of boat welllll.......

My wife drove me to death on our honeymoon

I won't fly, never have other than a single engine private plane, so it was going to be a driving thing. She wanted to go to Key West. Now, it's a fur piece from Corbin, KY to Key West. We stayed in Lenoir City the first night since the reception didn't get over till 10 pm, then drove down to Wildwood for the 2nd day and to the north end of the Keys on the 3rd. Finally made it to Key West for 3 days, then headed back. I tried stopping by one of my guide buddy's places on Okeechobee on the way down, but I just couldn't sway her to go out on the lake with Harry for a day. :whip:

I know one thing sure, I didn't care a thing for Key West. Too many wierd folks around there to suit me. :speechles :speechles

The funny part was me wrecking the rental moped. I'm sort of overgrowed, and those kiddy toys aren't ment for a big guy. I turned a corner in front of the Hardrock Cafe, and the handle bars hung in the leg of my short britches. :( I had a choice to either circle till I piled into the cement wall in front of their deck thing or jump. I put my feet down and tried to hang on as the scooter went out from under me ripping the snot out of those shorts. I actually caught it and prevented it from hitting the ground, but there I was holding a slowped from the handlebars up in the air. :speechles

Did you know that as a slowped goes forward if your hand doesn't as well, you will open the throttle. When it is straight up in the air with the wheels off the ground, the throttle will be wide open. :( There is no kill switch on a moped. :confused: Dang wierd people down there wouldn't help much and shut it off for me either.

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Skipper, I wish I had a video of that wreck, I was laughing out loud reading your post.

Jim, That looks like a great resort. Which of the suites did you stay in and which would you want to stay in for a honeymoon? The Sans Souci looks to be about what we are wanting. When you look on the net everyplace seems like "the best". I have travelled quite a bit but I really don't want to go to any of the places I have been for a honeymoon. Thanks!

Man you got a way with words brother. I think me and you would have a blast hangin out together, (platonicly of course) :bounce: :bounce: I am laughing out loud, wishing I could have seen that.


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Check out BlueBay Getaway in Cancun. We went there this past December for our 20th and really enjoyed it. The club is all inclusive and adults only. There are planned activities every day that you are free to join in with as well as Katamarans, waveboarding, kayaking, volleyball, etc. at no extra cost. They have their own nightclub and a nightly Disco tour. If you go try the Isla Mirades sailboat tour for about $45 each (this includes lunch, snorkelling, swimming with nurse sharks, and all beverages even alcoholic). This is the most repeat costumer club in Cancun and I would readily go again myself. Everyone there is very nice and not at all pushy or tip hungry. There were several people from Europe there when we went so some topless sunbathing, which is allowed. But no complete nudity. Overall a very clean and enjoyable place.
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Thanks for the ideas fellas. Anyone know of a good travel agency near Gainesville, Cumming or Dawsonvile? I talked with one agent a month ago or so and I prefer not to deal with her again.
Go to Helen and go tubing.
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Maybe I can take her to your house or the river cabin? Would you cook for us and let me use my old room?
Nope. You can stay in the shed, I'll order ya'll pizza, serve ice cold PBR and walk around with my top off. :speechles
As for booking from the site....no problem as long as the prices are in line. When we were at San Souci folks were paying all kinds of prices for the same trip. I think we paid about $2000 for 7 days and others there were paying less and others were paying a whole lot more. So in other words shop around (or get with a travel agent to shop for you).

We had the One Bedroom with Ocean View. Probably would have been nice to add the jacuzzi as well, but with as much time spent at the neked beach which has its own pool bar and jacuzzi.....

Also, while we were there part of our package was either to be married or to renew and since we were already married, we renewed.

BTW, no kids are allowed!!! :fine:

We have been to several resorts in Jamaica and in general I would not go to another again. This one I would go to again.



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Man, You starting off all wrong. You are asking where you should go on a honeymoon?

Rule #1, She tells you where she wants to go and you say, yes dear that sounds great. You better make it sound like ya mean it. You learn this early in your marraige and life will be good.
I got married in July and my wife and I spent a week in Costa Rica. It was amazing! We rented a Landcruiser and traveled the country for a week. Three days in the mountains, 4 days at the beach, and one in San Jose. Check out this site:
I wish I would have found this place earlier. We are hooked on Costa Rica and we are definitely going back! I even talked my wife into an offshore fishing trip. We caught 11 sailfish, 2 tuna, 2 dorados, and a wahoo. As we were leaving she says that we have to go fishing every time we go to Costa Rica! :yeah:

And that was one of the smaller ones. You can even take your wife to watch sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Let me know if you want any more info on Costa Rica. Good luck with the wedding.


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If you go to Cancun I highly recommend staying at one of the Palace resorts. Lisa and I stayed at the Moon Palace on our honeymoon and loved every minute of it. We are planning another trip there for one of our aniversaries. Everything you can imagine was included in the price for the trip. We stayed in one of the honeymoon suites right on the beach. They treated us like we were royalty or something. I just thought I'd throw another idea into the hat. I hope you have fun where ever you decide to go.