Honeysuckle and crabapples

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When is the best time to fertilize honeysuckle?? Also about crabapples how much succes do any of u guys have over them, i am thinking about picking up a new lease and it is covered up in them, If a place is covered up in them how do u know which ones will be the best to hunt? Just wondering yalls opinions, thanks

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Deer will eat the crapapples in a heartbeat. Hunt the deer tracks, find a good trail, set up off of it catch them going to the carpapples or if possible catch them in it. However, if the trees are a long a fence row in a large field next to a road, then it might be "night work." If the trees are in the woods or a hidden field then they will probably feed on them in daylight hours.


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Im not sure when the correct time is to fertilize.I do mine in jan.,as soon as deer season is over,they do fairly well.I dont think you are suppose to when they have fruit because it will fall off .I use 10 10 10.
Honeysuckle and Crabapples

I would fertilize Honeysuckle in early spring (March, April) and then again in late July.

Crabapples are a Bowhunters dream. Deer love 'em and they are falling during bow season. If they are not falling to your satisfaction, simply shake the tree. I would always hunt over the clump of apple trees. If you try to hunt a trail going to the apples, the deer are likely to approach from another direction.

Never fertilize Crabapple trees heavily. To do so creates vigorous and tender growth which is an invitation to Fire Blight. This is a disease which is more likely to infest fast growing trees than normal growing ones. Doesn't make sense, but it is true.

A light fertilization in late February if you feel compelled to do so.

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Thanks for the info guys. This lease is pretty much all 15 yr old pines, and there are crabapples all over it, u walk around and there are clusters of crabapples every where, just gotta figure out which ones the deer are coming to the most i guys.
Mr.Vernon, being i missed fertilizing this spring is it still ok to fertilize in july???

It would be fine to fertilize now.

The point that I was trying to make was that two moderate applications would be far better than one heavy application. The element Nitrogen is highly prone to leaching out of the soil. Light to moderate applications are more likely to be fully utilized.

Deer have a nature given ability to discern plants which have been fertilized. This means that patches of honeysuckle that perhaps are lightly browsed presently are likely to be heavy targets for late summer and fall browsing.



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Tell ya something else we do with our honeysuckle - we make a homemade spray of water, sugar and vanilla extract and put in spray bottles. Spray the honeysuckle near your stands with it and the deer will gobble it up!!!!! Just be careful not to get any of the mixture on you; you'll be ant bait!