Hooch Lineside Update 4-19-21

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Dustin Pate

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It's been a minute since I got a report up, but the last week to 10 days has been prime fishing for hybrids. The fish are from the shoals to Snake creek and every spot in between. The lure bite has slowed some, which is normal. The fish really seem to turn to shad later in the run and especially when the water clears, as it has the last week. We are on short time with the hybrids at this point. There will be enough around for the next week, but look for it to really slow down soon.

A massive amount of white bass came back down last week. These are all spawned out fish making their way back to the lake. They are mostly smaller fish, but you can expect insane numbers when you land on a group. They are eating any small baitfish imitator.

The main mass of stripes always seem to wait for this April full moon. I think it is even more the case this year as the temps have stayed lower than normal. You're not going to run into the major numbers of them like the hybrids, but they will be around for the next couple weeks. There is always a chance at a bigger fish also. We had one around 21 lbs yesterday (April 18).

The weekend of the 9th-11th I helped out with the 30-30 Ministries Camp. We were able to take 4 boats of teens fishing. They also got to experience some great devotional speakers and learn more about Christ. It is a great organization and I strongly recommend volunteering with them if the opportunity arises.

Get out and enjoy them with the weather because it will be time to chase them on the lake soon!

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Wire Nut

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Good job going with 30-30. I’ve hosted a deer camp for the past 3 years. They didn’t do one this past fall because of COVID. Great organization and great people


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Great report Dustin!! I had one great day and one so-so day last week. Not looking like a trip down there for me this week, too much work to do! For some reason, I generally always catch my bigger stripers at the tail end of the whole thing.


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Great report! And awesome job volunteering with 30-30 , great organization !