For a relatively new mountain hunter you are having a heck of a year. Looks like a good body size for a mountain deer. Way to get it done!
I've always been a MTN guy but our mtns over here on the left side of the state are really just foothills compared to those east of 75. I think there's a lot more deer over here but more bear and hogs over in the big hills. My daddy's people came outta white & union countys back ions ago. Heard stories bout them hills all my life. Wished I'd got in em sooner. I've always had a yearning for the adventure of the big hills. A lot of fine folks on here have been quick to share their knowledge of the big mtns with me & I am very thankful for em. Bear hunting has revived my love for the woods. Hope to spend more time in the MTNS. Thanks to everyone who has shared tips and thoughts and spots with me. Bear folks are the best!
Way to get it done stronger! Those things are hard to xome across on the Hooch! They are the unicorns of the woods!
I hunted yesterday a.m. and saw four does. Told my co-worker, and he said "What?! FOUR does?!"
As it turns out, in the last three years, I have only seen two bucks during the fall/winter hunting season on Chattahoochee. One this year and one the year before last. Both were during the September Bear/Hog only early rifle hunt. Go figure! :rolleyes:
Congrats buddy. Just remember, region 1 & 2 still have check in hunts where a buck doesnt count against your tag, and here in Region 2, our rut hasn't even begun yet up high. It will begin to get good in a couple weeks from now, so there's plenty buck hunting still left to do!
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Got up this week end but hunted NF outside of WMA. Nothing around; acorns were low an hit an mess.. Seen less signs up high an more down low an they weren't much either.. Maybe next week something will work out again.
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Hey guys just an FYI because so I've had so many that were unsure. If you take your bear home and process it the DNR will come out to your place and tag it. Working on the claws now, Killer Kyle thanks for the reference to the wonderful Jerry Russel video!!!