Hope SPRINGS eternal for the Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs thread #36

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GO DAWGS waking up on this fine, coolish Saturday morning excited about watching our spring game! :fine:
Go Dawgs! Woke up a little while ago, went down for breakfast (staying at the Fairfield Inn, Gainesville) man these folks put out a decent spread. Ran into several Dawg fans going to the game!!!!!!!!

Man it feels good to be back in God's (and Dawg) country!!!!!!!
Go Dawgs getting ready to head to the game!!!

If the pic comes through
Can't get them to load
Go Dawgs in a new thread on G Day. It’s a great day to be a Dawg!
Gonna try one more time. GO DAWGS!


Go Dawgs!

That's from last year's game! Granddaughter in the middle..... gonna raise her right!
Go Dawgs!

Team looked really good!
Go Dawgs. ..... not as old as Charlie and probably older than Jeff...... well maybe..
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Well my take away from the G Day Game.

Justin Fields is the real deal and it is gonna be hard to keep him on the bench.

Fromm did not have a great day.

Lecounte is gonna be a domination DB.

Deandre Baker had a good game.

Dont really know much about that Hutson kid who was on the Black team, but he looked like our best back today.

I was disappointed in Holyfield.

All and all I was happy with what I saw today, other then Fromm throwing picks. The Fox kid gonna be a beast, and our return game is in good hands.
Purty much spot on Charlie, it didn't look like the focus was on running the ball to much. It also looked like the D knew the run wasn't a big deal. I kinda think that's why the QB’S weren't super impressive. .........

I still think we will do great again this year!!!!!

Go Dawgs!
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