How bad is the frost?

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Acorn killing? When I was up there this weekend it looked like oaks were opened up to about 3200 feet or so. Looking like 30 in helen currently with lower temps higher up. Did we just lose all the whites?


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Showing 27 here. It might be a year to hunt acorns up high. Who knows? There's still a few weeks of potential freezing nights left till it warms up for good.
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I was hoping for something like this unless the oaks have opened all the way to the high places. Most whites havent produced in a good long while. I was expecting a ridiculously heavy crop if we didnt get some heavy sustained rains or a frost like this.
Who knows. Really heavy frost this morning. Wind started to lay around dark. I expect most down low got bit but it could hurt up high to with temps in the 20s. Time will tell.
29 degrees at lake Russell WMA

Yep well have too wait and see. It could be good or it could be bad. It all depends on how much gets bit and where.

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Dogwood blooms where barely wilted this morning and were perked back up by 10 at 1700 ft 24*. Field across the creek was white but thawed by 8. I think it gonna be good.
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The gen x cicadas are gonna make for some giant bears. Ive seen monsters pulled out of the hills in PA when the gypsy moths are real bad. They climb every tree in those red oak stands eating em
Saw a couple hickory's at the foot of the mountain turning black, white and red oaks still look good, wonder about the higher elevations? It was 27 here with heavy frost.