How can anyone vote for a demorat ?


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Pelosi's acts are counter to progress and should be handled as criminal acts. Lock the witch up.
The media will cover for the Dems and forget about this within a week.
The House will vote to pass this bill tomorrow but not without some stunts by her. When it passes she will go on camera and lie about how Orange Man bill was bad but she saved America. The gimmedats and all around stupid people will slurp it up straight out of the jar.


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I saw a story yesterday about young people taking part in a game of sorts called the"corona virus challenge". This one story had a young man licking a toilet seat in hopes of spreading the virus as part of the challenge. The man licked a toilet seat.....licked it. Why would anyone vote democrat? Well I'd say a lot society is in the gutter and digging deeper.
Pelosi and the Dems impeached Trump saying that he held up aid to a foreign country, meanwhile those same dems purposely held up aid to the American People.


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To be a Democrat or to vote for a Democrat requires one to be at least one of two things. Either astoundingly ignorant or completely evil. There is no other possible explanation.