How crazy is this?


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Wow! I guess they felt trapped & jumped☹️ Never seen anything like it..
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Speed limit from where they jumped is 65, so I guess they walked out on bridge and a vehicle come up on em pretty fast and spooked over em the side
Man, that's crazy! What a shame. Is that the Zirconia exit? I'm usually going through there about once a month.
My FIL is a train engineer for CSX railroad and has driven trains all over the country. He told me people would be shocked how often trains hit deer. They will honk at them but not much they can do. He said in farm country in the midwest he has hit some absolute studs but stopping a train going 55 mph that is 1.5 miles long isn't practical. In the south train easements are big. However in the midwest easements might only be 5' and farmers will plant corn 5' from the track and the deer will just step out into oncoming train.


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Still waiting on Cobb County to call me when they get one...I’ll take one or two.
and yea, thats CRAZY!!
Saw a black bear jump off a bridge over the Big Hole River one night in Montana.
Bridge was high, water was very shallow with lots of rocks. Went back next day for a look see. No bear to be found. Had to be a rough landing though.