How Do You Solve Our Ballooning National Debt Problem?

My solutions would be effective,but unpopular..other than to us working blokes. Cut 90% of handouts/social welfare. Make EVERYBODY that’s working..or receiving govt a flat Federal tax rate! Get out of the Middle East..let those Camel Jockeys work it out amongst themselves & keep killing the trouble makers from afar😉 Streamline govt jobs here...& cut positions where appropriate. I could go on. It’s not going to happen by borrowing,or printing..more money!
The pieces of 💩 in office will never do away with their voting blocks (social welfare programs). They will talk, blame the other side and nothing will happen. Common sense would be to raise the age for social security to 68 or 70 since the life expectancy if greater today. We need to stop these fruitless wars/skirmishes and bring our troops back.
Eliminate redundant federal programs. That will do absolutely nothing if those same pieces of 💩 keep spending us to oblivion. Also, eliminate ALL medical care, housing, expense accounts and pensions for the same pieces of 💩 before any of the above.


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QUIT Catering to illegals and others that sponge off the government is one way to cut back on the debt!

As far as the National Debt there is no stopping it!
It is a train running full speed on a one way track with no reverse!

I always thought a flat tax would do more good than anything!
Do away with ALL Federal and State taxes and do a 15-25% tax on everything you buy!

That way people that are being paid cash pay their own way as well!

Theses Indians that buy these convenient stores, hotels, etc get them interest free for 7 years then give it to their brother, sister, or cousin then they get it for 7 years more!
Plus no down payment!


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Restructure entitlements. There are a bunch of losers out there that I'd rather see go without than freeload of my tax money.

Round up the illegals and ship them back.

Take over the oil in the middle east until we get fully refunded.

Pass a mandatory federal death penalty for drug dealers. They get executed immediately after conviction. Firing squad with cheap ammo.

For habitual drug addicts, the federal government should physically remove the addicts ability to reproduce.

The ATF abolished.

The department of education abolished.

Pass the fair tax.

Pass a balanced budget amendment.

Pass an amendment that says if the debt hits the ceiling then the first thing the feds stop payment on is entitlements. All of them until the debt is paid down.

Restrict voting. If you are on welfare then you dont vote. The national election should be a federal holiday.
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If you will look up a pie chart of federal debt and then one for federal spending it will be obvious where the problems are.

Solving the problem is easy, but first you have to get rid of the Politics. First step in that is implementation of term limits.

There is another thread here on the corruption of the Bidens. Reality check, the Bidens are not the only ones with the same pension plan.
It’s ok. The federal reserve will just keeping buying the debt and putting it on its balance sheet. They started doing it again in September when the REPO market started going crazy and no one is talking about it. Instead we are hung up on impeachment, Iran, etc. In the short term we should be freaked at what is going on in the REPO market, but I guess we are stupid to care.


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Abolish the Fed.
The public debt transaction, then, is very different from private debt. Instead of a low-time-preference creditor exchanging money for an IOU from a high-time-preference debtor, the government now receives money from creditors, both parties realizing that the money will be paid back not out of the pockets or the hides of the politicians and bureaucrats, but out of the looted wallets and purses of the hapless taxpayers, the subjects of the state. The government gets the money by tax-coercion; and the public creditors, far from being innocents, know full well that their proceeds will come out of that selfsame coercion. In short, public creditors are willing to hand over money to the government now in order to receive a share of tax loot in the future. This is the opposite of a free market, or a genuinely voluntary transaction. Both parties are immorally contracting to participate in the violation of the property rights of citizens in the future. Both parties, therefore, are making agreements about other people’s property, and both deserve the back of our hand.