How long have you been at Woody's????

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Well, since we crashed a while back it's kinda hard to tell how long everybody's been here at the "WOODMEISTER'S".......

So, let's see if we can tell everybody how long you've been hooked here at Woody's.... :D :D :D

For me it's been May of 2002................ :clap: :clap:


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Probably 2-3 yrs now. Hope to last at least 20-30 more :D
Right at one year. It's been great, even through a couple of black days(crashes). I kept seeing my brother, georgiaboy looking at Woody's instead of working while I was playing games instead of working. Once I joined I haven't been playing as many games. I am still not working much :fine:
Coming up on 2 years, probably in March, but I'm not sure about that.

We officially opened the doors in April 01 (I think the month is right). I was a couple of months behind that.



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Tim...I think I joined bout the same time you did.

Guess a good question is how many of the big crashes have you seen :D
I found this site through the GON site back in November of 2001. When I logged in I found Jim Thompson all ready here. We were hunting together back then down in Heard County. Seems like only yesterday.