How much water in Kayak

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Hey everyone. Yesterday I bought a Pelican 110 HD II kayak. It is my first Pedal kayak. I took it out today and tested it out. Overall I really like it. I was in the water for about 1.5 hours. I also flipped it a couple of times to practice getting back in it. When I got home there was about 1 to 1.5 quarts of water in it. Is that normal? My last kayak was used and had UV damage. Eventually I scrapped it because of the cracking and it almost made swim back to the boat ramp on a inshore trip one day. Because of that I am super paranoid LOL. It could be normal but I just didn't expect water to be in a brand new kayak.
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It was upside down for about 5 minutes. It was alot harder to flip it back over than my old one. Everything was so smooth hard to get a grip on it.


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Possible. Take another short trip(without rolling) and keep an eye on it.


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My guess is was that it was from being upside down partially submerged in the water for that amount of time.
My dad and I took his tandem out of flamingo marina last year and it was pretty choppy. One of the storage bin lids were not 100% secured and that thing filled up during the trip out.
Had several gallons in it and we had dump off and walk it to the beach to drain it before getting back to the marina.
I took it out solo the next day and fished in it for a few hours. No leak issues at all.
I wouldn’t be too concerned at this point. If you go out and don’t flip it and there’s still a significant amount of water, I’d then be a little more concerned.


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I agree with the above with an exception. If it’s a hatch leaking I care. Figure it out and seal it. Getting put in a situation to deal with rough water in a leaky yak is not something I want to deal with.
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Well I took the kayak out today for about 2 hours. It had maybe a couple ounces of water in it if that so I feel pretty good about that. Thanks for all the input.