How old is this buck?


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I'm gonna say 3, possibly 4. Was leaning more towards 4 based on the first pic, but after watching the videos I think closer to 3.


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I just think his hams are a little to defined and muscular to be 2.5. I’m sticking to 3.5 maybe 4.5 but don’t really think so. Come cooler weather he will thicken up and that neck will get a little bit bigger. Either way he is a nice deer and isn’t at his full potential yet.
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So I am between you guys...first time I saw him he was looking pretty grizzled and facing the camera with bone starting to fork, and I thought he was older...I figured he was 4.5. As he has added bone and I've gotten more pics of him I've thought he was 2.5 or 3.5 this year...partially because in some pics he looks like another 2.5 yo 8 even though he is a 10. So I'm voting that he is 3.5 this season...think he is too developed to be 2.5 though he doesn't have much sway in the back and doesn't appear to me to be 4.5 this season...

Either way, I hope he does make it to 4.5 or 5.5 as I think he has some decent genetics for our lease...
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He’s already 4.5. This is GA, and there are just enough big racked bucks to make us believe this beauty is on the upswing, headed towards that magic 163” at 6.5. If you shoot him, the rackaholics (I’m a recovering rackaholic) will accuse YOU of being THE reason “we can’t grow big bucks around here”. If you want him, feel no remorse and let it rip. If you feel good about the gamble of letting him get a little older, then I’d be happy for you there as well.