How to Clean your string!!!!

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Have you ever cleaned your string? No, I didn't think so. :D Here's a quick and easy way for you to clean your string, and apply some fresh wax before the season starts. I like to use Dento-tape. Take a foot long piece of dental floss, and wrap it around your string like this:

Pull it tight, and just run it up and down and around any exposed string material. You don't need to run it over any serving. It will pull any excess wax and grime off your string into a ball looking like this:

Just clear all this grime off with your fingers, and when you're done, just reapply some light wax onto your string. I am a big proponent of less is better, and unless you're hunting in rainy, snowy conditions, you don't need a lot of string wax. Be sure to rub it in with your fingers with enough friction that it feels hot on your fingertips. This ensures the wax is melting into the string fibers.

Just a quick easy tip to keep your string grime free and in tip top shape for this coming season.

Next up will be a biggie....grip pressure! I took some good photos and tuning shots to show everyone how grip pressure affects arrow flight. It's sure to stir up some trouble!!! :fine:
Could you wrap the floss 360° around the string to get around all the string? Just the first thing I thought of doing when I saw it. And no, I have never cleaned my string. I have run my fingers up and down the string to remove excess grime, but looking back, I was probably rubbing it in. Thanks for the tip. Finally, a use for that pesky floss stuff! :D


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i would advise everyone to get a clean leather glove or peice of leather to slack the new wax in the string, b/c the oils from your fingers will break down the strands of thread quicker

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Good Tip. This is known as burnishing to a string builder which rounds the string bundle and strips off excess wax. Would also recommend using Scorpion Venom string cleaner in conjunction with this.