How to shoot a deer.....

I hold low always. I don`t take straight down shots because its near impossible to get both lungs like that. Lance and Chris both will tell you a one lunged deer can go a mile. We`ve all three seen it.RC
So true, I learned that on my first buck with a bow. I had a heck of a spike come walking dead towards me. I was on a poplar with no cover. I had to wait till he walked right under my stand and straight behind me. I turned around, drew my bow and aimed just to the left of the spine. Got a good shot, but couldn't find him till the next morning. He had ran down the ridge, up over another ridge and laid in a creek in the next hollow. Fatal shot, but they still run a good ways.

BTW- excellent advice on aiming low.
R.C., "The E.F. Hutton of archery". When he speaks we listen! He knows it all but is still a humble man willing to share the knowledge! What everybody else has said! Thanks for the info. It is weird how many times the facts are right in front of us, and we just can't see it! What you have said makes perfect sense. Thanks


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Now if you'll just start the thread .... "How to get a deer within 20 yards of you(Without Bait)" then I'll really be set up! Thanks for the info RC ... can't wait to put it to use.
Great post Robert! I have been showing my son how the deer drop on the hunting shows. Gotta love that DVR so that I can rewind, pause and show it in slo mo. It still amazes me just how fast they react and how much they will drop. Thanks!


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I have always aimed low with a bow but not that low. I will next time. what a great "white" aiming point that I never really noticed until looking at Jakes pic. post. Thanks, great thread, keep them coming.


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Thanks RC for shareing, I always try to remind myself to aim low but sometimes I dont and my instinct takes over.

Most all my misses with a trad bow have also been high.
I hold low always. I don`t take straight down shots because its near impossible to get both lungs like that. Lance and Chris both will tell you a one lunged deer can go a mile. We`ve all three seen it.RC
Actually I believe it was more to the tone of a mile and a quarter. And thats was with a tree shark hole through it.

I can also atest that the deer RC hunts will stare at you and duck the arrow at ..... what RC?? that was about 12-4yds when that doe went under the widder on me wasn't it?

Most folks think they are tracking when they are simply "bloodtrailing" and when there's no blood?? they're lost. It is truly an aquired skill just as shootin a deer is. Takes a great deal of patience and you almost need to be able to "place yourself in the animals shoes" to get a notion at times.

I've been thinking of giving a few tips on shooting deer myself. But my tips sort of mess with peoples form a bit. Mianly because I think people can stand in their back yard all day long and even focus and hold on anchor.... but place a deer in fron of them and they'll grippit and rippit so fast yer head will spin. Spot wasn't picked, shot was rushed, rushed, RUSHED . And form and sequnce was flat out either forgotten or thrown slap out the window.

We'll wait until way later in season to discuss that though.


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When E.F. Hutton talks...

Well I appreciate it!!! The one thing I know is that if I had to name the folks who kill animals consistently... they'd be RC, Lance and Chris Spikes... and I am unsure on what order, but figure RC has a slight edge....

When they talk... I sit up and take notes!!!

I appreciate it fellas!!!!:clap:
This is the most awesome informative thread evah! :cool:

His Royal Trad Hunting Highness has spoken words that should stick in everyone's head for life. :smash:

A certain very sweet compound shooter gave me this same advice last year. I forgot it by the time the moment came around and I wound up with a small buck running off, shaking his back, taking a few steps, shaking his back again, and an arrow with one tiny drop of blood on one blade and a few brown hairs stuck under one vane.

I will, forever more, aim for the white! :smash: :fine:

Thank You RC! :cool: :cool: :cool:
You da man! :cheers:
And Spikes is a very high ranking Prince. :biggrin2: :clap:
Don't even think about it Jake. Look at them ears and the postioning of her offside leg and hams..... that deers got you dead to rights and if you so much as blink she's gonna bolt:D
You speak the truth Lance. That girl defines "wired".
I took that photo, full framed with a 200mm lens. (I was hiding at maybe 25 yards).
This is a "suburban" deer, mid morning in July. She was feeding until she
heard the whine of the lens' autofocus.
When the shutter actuated on the big Nikon, she went ballastic! :bounce:
If I would of had the shutter set at 3 clicks per second, there would
be a good record of how far she dropped.