How to shoot a deer.....

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Just re-read this year for a reminder. Thanks for bumping this tread back to life Jake, your the best....


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Thanks RC. Hope I get on some white spots this year.
Im gonna have my wife read this thread. Last year I told her the short version and I guess I must have left out some key points. I told her to aim low, but I never said how low. She drew her compond on a nice sized doe, aimed low, released, and the deer ran off. My wife got out of the stand and picked up her arrow, no blood or anything. A few minutes later a group of deer made their way to me. I picked out the biggest doe and dropped my first muzzle loader deer. When my wife came up to me, we went and checked the deer out. There was a small cut right where she was aiming. I had shot the doe that she "missed". No blood at all just a small cut in the hide. I asked her why she aimed there and she said "You said to aim low". So, this year Im not gonna give false information. Im just gonna point and say "Read this".
RC and Chris seeing this again never hurts, and I realize that you and Chris are both trying to help everyone else by sharing your knowledge and you are also trying to help us not wound and waste deer or any game by helping us hone our skills. Chris comes up with good challenges for us to test our shooting skills etc. and You are full of swamp knowledge and animal knowledge and I want to thank you both for sharpening us as well as your broadheads!
I have had a good friend for forty something years that is a wealth of knowledge about plants and flowers etc in the woods. He has added color and wisdom to my life and you and others on this board are a fine example of people like my friend, who add color and knowledge to all of us with whom you share yourselves and your wisdom. A big thank you for that from me.
Actually...You are an expert....and thanks for reminding me again...

I have shot under a VERY few BUT have shot over...well...way to


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Thanks RC! I think Mike has the right idea about sticking a reminder to the back of the bow. Mine will say: AIM LOW DUMMY!!
last year i thought about this thread just before shooting my buck,and here was the result.
I actually snap shot this buck, which might explain the lack of penitration, either way it resulted in a massive bloodtrail and a dead deer.



Gone but not forgotten
Thanks buddy!


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Since bow season opens in Georgia next Saturday I thought this would be a good thread to bump for all the new trad hunters that might not have seen it. It is a must read for anyone shooting a trad bow. Thanks to Robert Carter for his words of wisdom.

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I should have read this last season........


I'm feeling very confident this season!!!

Can't wait for opening day!!!:cool:

Looks like I did read it last year, but I didn't let it "sink in".:p

It's sunk in now, think I'm going to read it everyday for good measure now!!!


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I read this last year too. Three does came out on opening day moving toward my best friend. He shot the biggest one from my permanent stand. I was hunting on the ground because my $99 Walmart stand decided to throw me out six feet up the tree. I was hunting on the ground when the other two crossed in front of me at 20yds. broadside. Whoowee, drew aimed and fired 2 inches under her chest. My first thought was "Dang RC she didn't duck"


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It was still a thrill to shoot at one from the ground. I will do that a lot more this year. As far as I know that stand is still 6 feet up that tree:rofl::rofl: