How to shoot a deer.....


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I read this advice a when it was first posted. 2 weeks later I tried it and recovered my first bow kill, shot right through the heart. Ran 75 yards and blood everywhere. I had hit a deer before that, but lost it because looking back, I think it was a high lung shot that I though was dead on. So thanks Mr. Carter!


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Thanks RC.


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Hate to tell you, RC....but when it comes to hitting the Georgia woods and swamps with a stick and are an expert in my book. Anyone beg to differ?

Nope...didn't think so! Have a great and, as always, a successful season.

P.S. As I started to post this, I noticed my avatar. And although taking two deer with my homemade longbow stands as one of the top thrills of my hunting career, I will say both of those deer in the photo were hit high at about 15 yards. The doe was high lungs, but luckily I missed ribs and with a sharp broadhead, she didn't know she was hit. She strolled down the hill - actually nibbling on the way - until she dropped. Probably 20 seconds - could have run a long way if she'd been spooked. The buck...spined him. High on both shots for sure.


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Thanks for the tip, its makes sense. I just went back traditional a couple of years ago and had to re-teach myself how to shoot, I kept trying to make shots that were too long in practice till I finally figured out I wasnt shooting a compound anymore and got better results. I'm going to try out your tip and see if it helps when the time comes.


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Enjoyed the read. Love this kind of info. Makes me think. As most know, ducking the string is actually "cocking the spring" as they squat to get some spring to bolt away. Has anyone ever noticed that they tend to lower to one side and then spring back in a side direction, but seldom straight foward. I believe this is because in this way their flight is increased over straight ahead.


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Time to take this past back up to the top. A great post for those new to the hunt & a great reminder for the rest of us.:yeah: 4 more Weeks!!!!!


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Time to repost the thread. Some of the best bow hunting advise that I've ever read.
Great words of wisdom, I lost a nice mature doe with a high tree stand shot in the rear upper rib area. Thanks for posting.
Great timing and I concur, some of the best advice I have ever seen posted. No doubt about it!!


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I was talking to AllAmerican earlier needed to find this thread so I got the link an texted it to him. Best real world advice I've read when it comes to how to aim shoot a deer with a trad bow. Fantastic reading tool this one is