How to? What's everyone's thoughts...

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I pm'd a mod a good while ago about a How to section. They thought it was a good idea. Anyway, would you guys think a how to section, thread, sticky would be beneficial? Anything from tieing d loops, rest setup, archery knots, arrow fletching, grip....etc. Pretty much anything u would want to learn. I know there's thousands of YouTube videos on anything you'd want to know, but this could be more one on one and interactive.

What do you guys think?


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Sounds good to me. If it doesn't workout I'll just keep contacting you Kris.:cool:


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I'm a fan....always nice to learn different ways to do things and the correct way to do things.
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Ok cool. I know GRIV has a thing a week he does every week. So let's hear some topics everyone would want to learn.

Disclaimer: I am not the only one I want to participate here. There are very many knowledgeable people here, many better than I am at certain things. I'd like as many people to want to participate as possible. That would give lots of perspectives.


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Sounds great
We agree. Maybe we could embed links to other places
I like the sound of that. I think many archers could benefit from it. And like you said kris, there are quite a few guys that could really help others out that are wanting to learn or get better.
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Great idea. I think a Bare shaft tuning tutorial would be awesome.
JT shipped me his bow down from Illinois. I should have it today. After I restring it, I'll do a bareshaft tuning writeup on it. It's a Hoyt with hybrid cams, it won't be a long tutorial. :D


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Great Idea Kris, I will definitely be interested in anything that comes up on it, never know if someone has a better way, and I am very green in the bowhunting world.