Hunting Kudzu

Mr Bya Lungshot

Useless Billy Volunteer DJ.
Kudzu is absolutely awesome for deer and not so good for the hunter in general.
You have it growing an impassable death trap of a jungle year round and only worth hunting the first week of season then acorns are where to be. This year acorns are falling early around here but other years would be when I targeted kudzu but not this year.
Try it you might have the right spot at the right time... I’ll be in an oak dodging acorns.
Any pics of it? I've heard of it being an invasive plant species, but can't honestly identify it.

Is it reddish-purple on the stalk/trunk? I've found this plant getting destroyed during bow season.
Thats pokeberry you are speaking off. Kudzu looks like huge bean leaves on a vine that covers everything. Sometimes you will see trees, old houses, open areas road side completely covered. It looks similar to a running greenbean or soybean vine with three leaves to a stalk, but they are bigger with lobes.