Hunting terrain preference?

What is your favorite terrain to hunt?

  • Woods...I mean all woods, pines and hardwoods

    Votes: 51 58.0%
  • Farms....working farms, peanuts, cotton, soy, corn

    Votes: 17 19.3%
  • Swamps....yep, down in there!

    Votes: 20 22.7%

  • Total voters
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With all of us hunting throughout the beautiful State of Georgia, I am curious why we all choose certain areas to hunt. Outside of convenience (drive distance, home, etc), it would be interesting to see which areas are favored over others, and the reasons why!

I know each area will have some of each....farms have draws, some swamp areas. Woods will have creek bottoms, ect. But for the most part, you know what I mean.

Personally, having hunted swamp, woods (pines and hardwoods), and farms, without a doubt I prefer farms! :yeah:

My reason is very simple.....results! :shoot: :shoot:

I'll give some detail in the reason, but want to hear what others have to say first.


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I like finding an opening in a grwon up pine thicket that is about 12 years old. I have had great sucess finding openings in the thick stuff where the deer just kind of funnel through.


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Clearcuts!!Preferably 1 to 3 year old cuts that have a thick creekbottom on one side and maybe an agricultural field on another.No better place to be when the bucks are on the move!:shoot:


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Small areas of oaks in hardwood draws between thick areas or planted pines or swamps, or funnels between thick areas, or any kind of edge.


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in the swamp bottoms or on the fringes of a bottom and planted pines, clearcuts, etc.

something that has a definite break or transistion in vegetation has usually been the ticket for me when hunting the swamp edges. also looking for any slight ridge that drops down to a bottom has been productive

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Hardwood bottoms!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love em.
My favorite is a creek crossing on the edge of about 10 year old thick pines. The other side is a very thick cutover and inbetween is a perfect funnel.
would have to say swamps, unless there hasn't been a frost yet, can't stand skeeters. otherwise farms, it's hard to beat 200 acre foodplots.
I look for something that will let me cover a lot of ground and stay back away from the deer,powerlines,inside corners in clearcuts,firebreaks and untraveled woods roads.

If i don't see what i want at least i have'nt spooked all the deer to the next county.
Pipelines and hardwoods bottoms. I love the clarity in the bottoms at all times of the day. I also like the traffic on the pipeline "highway". The pipeline can be tough from 8:30 til 10:00 due to the sun in my eyes and then again from 4:30 til 6:00, sun again.
Give me woods! Preferably a hardwood ridge point leading down to a creek bottom :shoot:

I've only hunted farms a time or 2.
I sure enjoy the farm we are on.

Although part of what makes it great is the hardwoods, pines and clearcuts:D

Old place's

Like to get up high in the tall Georgia pines ,on the edge of some hardwood trees
with a good ( long view ) during the 9-16 of Nov.
second choice would be creek bottom w/ open hardwood trees , and loaded w/ acron
trees and old rub line that been used over and over by many old deer
man I ready to go ////////////// :hair: :cool: :fine: :shoot:
we have food plots and cutover now , maybe ///?????/ maybe

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My absolute favorite place to hunt is swamps. An open area of hardwood/pine mix with some undergrowth would be second. Clearcuts third and farms/fields last.