Hunting terrain preference?

What is your favorite terrain to hunt?

  • Woods...I mean all woods, pines and hardwoods

    Votes: 51 58.0%
  • Farms....working farms, peanuts, cotton, soy, corn

    Votes: 17 19.3%
  • Swamps....yep, down in there!

    Votes: 20 22.7%

  • Total voters

coon dawg

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thick, overgrown, inpenetrable

old beaver swamps.........within 1/2 mile of a great food source........ :clap:.........5-7 year old clear cuts would be second........

Bucky T

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I couldn't vote twice, but I really like thick woods and swamps. Clearcuts are great, but I always seem to head for the thickets on any property I hunt.

I hunt thick terrain for a number of reasons.

One, not many people like to hunt in the thick so that leaves me with plenty of property to hunt to myself

Two, deer like the thick stuff just as much as I do.

Three, I believe my chances of shooting a big, old, buck are greater than hunting that real pretty, open stand of white oaks.

I will always find a nearby food source, be it a lone white oak, a muscadine vine, persimmon tree, water oak, etc...

Deer that are hunted IMO will feed in the thickets where they feel secure and that's where I like to be. I'm a scent freak and am very anal about keeping my gear as scent free as possible, and I always pay attention to the wind. Most times the wind shifts a hundred times in a hunt, but it will blow in one direction for the most part and I try not to have my scent blow down wind to the major trails or intersections where I hunt.



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In the ...

woods of course ...swamps , old clearcuts ....any where I find good patterns and sign ...try not to get locked in on 1 type enviroment


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I love hunting over the natural food sources.


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Since you didn't include mountains, I said woods. Mountains are definitely a "terrian" in and of themselves. You can have clearcuts, thickets, and hardwoods on a mountain, but IMO, deer act somewhat differently in the mountains. Plus, there something about being "on top of the world" as I like to put and and hearing a deer coming up the mountain. You can hear forever and I've heard cars going down a highway two valleys over and several miles away as the crow flies.

I do love to hunt swamps, but ONLY after it starts getting cold. I've lived in the mountains too long to enjoy those early season south Georgia hunts (don't know how you guys down there do it). I've only hunted clearcuts a time or two so don't really have an opinion on them.


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I voted for the woods. Even if the deer don't show up there is other wildlife close at hand to look at. Another plus is that you are generally in the shade.


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Woods for me. I hunt 72 acres of an old farm with no planted crops for miles, just pasture land. But about 20 acres of hardwoods are 90% white oaks. And the land next door is 200 acre 6 yr old clear cut to the back, 100 acres of 10 yr old pines to the right, and 15 to 20 acres of 10 yr old thick hardwood growth to the left. Creek down the middle. Can you say "food and funnel" :banana: :cool: Its like watching a hwy full of cars. Just have to pick the right condition to hunt. :shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :banana: Not a lot of land but a good set-up. :fine::clap:
I like them all, but I like the swampy areas most. Especially if there's a lot of trees down in the bottoms! Second would be wooded land with openings.


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I prefer 6 to 7 year old pines with some cypress heads and some redoaks and white oaks on it, that is what I've being hunting now and it is very productive.


My favorite is high up on a mountain with a good view, preferably on the edge of open white oaks butting up against a 4 or 5 year old clearcut. Not planted pines but real thick hardwood saplings with plenty of rubus and redbush mixed in. It's not always the most productive spot but it sure is a beautiful place to it reminds me of the big woods up north.

Second would be thick, privet filled swamps, 50 feet high on a flimsy board about 200 yards away from Coon Dawg. :shoot:


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D) All of the above!!
I guess out of the choices I voted for woods. I love to find open areas close to thick pines. Plant them in small food plots if possible. Also it depends on the time during the season. Later in the season the food plots really pay off. :flag: :flag: :flag:


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I prefer edge type terrain. Pines opening into hardwoods, old grown over roadbeds. Any change of terrain is good for me. There is a spot on Westpoint WMA with a gully and some old farm terraces grown over with 30 year old pines, with rubs every year the size of my thigh. Gonna catch that mossy horned rascal in there next year ::; .