Hurricane Safety Systems ladders

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I'm thinking on getting some of these. I've been contemplating getting rid of my last lock-on due to fact that I'm not a spring chicken anymore (66) and hanging them is a real chore to me especially since the only one I have left is made of steel and heavy. This ladder system is set like a conventional ladder and appears to be rock solid and since you're weight foreward as opposed to hanging on with your weight working against you. I know they are more expensive than traditional sticks and heavier too but if it makes the hanging process easier I may spring for one. Last year I was hanging my stand by myself in August and it about drained me. Anyone got any experienc with these ladders?


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Did you notice that none of the guys on that website use any kind of safety system? No harness or lineman's rope. I figured this would be a big no no in today's climate of staying safe.


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I like them. You got me interested now in a couple of items Hurricane has to offer. Anything that makes you more willing to get into a stand is a good thing to me.
I like them..I have 2 and they are rock solid. Easy to set up they are just heavy. I have mine set now just on permanent sets. They are not made for run and gun type deals. They are worth the money in my opinion. I still use a linemans rope and harness while hanging stands but the way that the ladder angles towards the tree the higher you get is very comfortable while hanging


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I dont like the climbing sticks either. Something we have done is buy a very inexpensive ladder stand......and erect it in the tree you want your lock on to be in. Simply clim up the ladder and hang your lock on (with safety harness) . you have both hands free and feel safer on a platform than hanging off a tree.

Some may argue....why not just hunt from the ladder....the lockons we use are much more comfortable and easier to hunt out of, so we just use the ladder as a glorified climbing stick

May not work for all, but we have found it effective.