I am learning to stay on topic but I need help….

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Hey everyone! Baptist here, and I need help.

I was not learnt on certain rules here and crossed some lines. I was just wanting to help people.

All I ask is please forgive me. I was not trying to tick ppl off.

All I want is to be a good neighbor and help in any facet that I can.

I am sorry if I’m “ out of wack” on some things, but I want the best for my neighbors, all of them. From here on out.

So my political beliefs line up with god, family and then country.

I act on my best judgment, through tireless research- before I come to a conclusion.

First is god who provides me with the air I breathe and a heart and body that makes it possible.
the next is my wife who supports me through every waking decision I make- for the better of all of our lives… Then my kids who are also priceless. and on to close family then the ones not so close lol- (I’m sure y’all get that ) and then so on.

this is the way I have understood The Bible.

I am not and will never be perfect but I know my faults. I’m the first to say hey! Yah im a ding a ling….

I’m hardheaded but honest, im loyal, and very passionate. No bull no way.

I’d give anything for anyone And die for the cause.

Money and stuff is evil and wants are the worst but some of each makes things comfortable.

comfort is the Bosom to laziness which ends up in evil.

I worked my entire life until I used my brain.

please dont judge me for that either.

we are all different.

I hope you understand this. I hope you know I love you all even if you don’t like me.
If you don’t like me that’s ok, I get it. I hope I can fix that.

Anyway. I’m an idiot sometimes and I think I always will be.

If u can accept that please be my friend.
If not in sorry and I do wish you the best. :)

This is me. I hope to befriend you.
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