I must be living in a bubble

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I must be living in a bubble as myself, my family, my neighbors and my friends, none are impacted by the now longest government shutdown on record. I haven't seen a slightest change in my daily life since the shutdown started. Reading the (liberal) mainstream media, you would think an Armageddon was coming our way. What am I missing?

I understand government employees are getting anxious about not getting their monthly paychecks to pay their bills. To them I say, welcome to the world of private companies, especially one like mine (I am self employed), where I can never be 100% sure I will make money the next month.

To contractors who rely on government jobs for survival, this should be a wake-up call. Never put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how lucrative that basket looks to be.

What this shutdown (and the previous shutdowns) has demonstrated to me, is that there is a lot of "fluff" in government that we could live without. The most absurd thing I've heard so far is that the beer industry is hurting because there is no one in the government to approve new beer labels. How ridiculous is that? A whole industry is suffering because some bureaucrat somewhere isn't approving some labels!!! I would laugh if it wasn't so absurd.

I hope some day citizens of this country will wake up and start demanding accountability on exactly where the .gov spends our money. Government spends money like a drunken sailor, getting more deep into debt and nobody, besides folks on forums like this, seem to care. Meanwhile, 3 weeks into a shutdown, I don't see any difference in my daily life.

Again I ask, what am I missing?
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Again I ask, what am I missing?
You are missing nothing.

Same deal for me.

My life has only been better with the .Gov shutdown.

What part of the government is shut down?

I was hastled by a TX sales tax audit last week. Police are still pulling idiots over. Bank and 99.999% of the places I go are open with no change. My only fear is the IRS easy file system wont be up in February. Expecting a huge refund, I'd like to get fast.

Other than that...BUILD THE WALL GOBNABIT!!!

Fire them all!