i shot the decoy bear at cohutta


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That’s a crock of crap. That’s a prime example of what kind of DNR we have on the North Georgia WMA’s. You can go thru cohutta any time when there is not a hunt and never see a GW but when they have a hunt they wanna temp someone that probably have never hunted illegal with a stupid bear. No telling what the fine would have been if someone would have shot it from the road. Great post man and I appalled you for doing the right thing.


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Without a doubt, one of if not the funniest story on the board.
Many moons ago my father had over 1000 acres he farmed around the house. One afternoon while on a tractor he seen a good buck standing in corner of one of the fields. It was the week before gun season. He went to house got his truck and road back to field and watched thru binoculars. Buck never moved. Dad knew something was up. How's back to house get on tractor and goes straight to the corner of the field. He wasn't gonna run it over, just see how close he could get. Come to find out he got about 50 yards away before me Green jeans came.out.of.the bushes and a green Ford slid to a stop in the edge of the field. They exchanged words, mainly the gw trying to scold my father and him just laughing at them. They were trying to catch a notorious poacher that lived in the area. Dad left them there and they never did show back up.