i shot the decoy bear at cohutta


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:clap:well atleast you dont have a taxidermist bill
it was already mounted:clap:

funniest ever:bounce:
Man I just read this at work and can't stop laughing!!! Now I have to explain to everybody around me what was soooo funny!!!!!

That is by far the best story I have ever heard!!:cheers:
HOW INSPIRING!!!! My friend I think you may have just created a great new hunting sub sport...... "SHOOTING THE GW'S DECOY........LEGALLY" the only thing better would be to get it on video and post it!!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I am still laughing !!!!!.....you shot the decoy legally:rofl::rofl::cool::cheers::yeah:

Hey pretend I just now shook your hand...congrats!!!!!

I hope that GW is a member of this forum and reads all of this!!!! hahahaha


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was the game warden hiding in the woods? how much orange did he have on?
Soooo.....how much orange do you think the GW is required to wear?
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i have been laughing since i did it. no wonder i did not kill a bear i was laughing to much in the woods by my self, shaking my head, i can not believe this happened. if someone had been in the truck with me or i would have been going slower or stopped or backed up, i would have seen the bear better. it looked so real, eating that log.....


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i went to cohutta for the 4 day hunt last week. thur. morning a hunter shot a bear 200 yds from me. i helped him track this bear for 2 or 3 hrs. bear scat every where , white oak limbs torn down, trees climbed sign every where. we lost track of the bear and could not find it. i saw nothing thur. afternoon. friday morning i hunted by a creek untill 10 oclock and really thought i would see a bear but did not. got in my truck drove about 400yds and saw a bear out of the corner of my eye about 75 yds off the road i looked back to see how big it was, looked to be 150 or200 #s. iam driving the truck and do not have time to see the bear for very long. i tell myself the bear is over 50 yds off the road and is big enough to shoot so it is legal, i drive down the road about 400yds park truck,put my orange vest on and get my rifle and walk way down in the woods and come up on this bear from the woods side and shoot bear. i stand up and bear does not move i said oh no how much is this going to cost me. i think i am legal. the GW yells i walk to bear. taxidermist did agreat job looked life like. the GW asked me where did u come from, i told him i parked at the camp down the road. he said i scared him to death when i shot. he said were u in the truck that went by and i said yes. he said he had never had anyone shoot the decoy from the woods. he did not know what to do. the 3 GWs talked it over and said he was going to give me 2 warning tickets. 1 for not enough orange, i had bought the orange at walmart, 2 for( hunting from the road) because i had saw the bear from truck he said it was pursing game with a vehicle. never heard of it. i thought i was legal. i am glad they were warning tickets............short version alot more talking to gw......
That's something you don't hear everyday!:) That would be illegal up here, not allowed to locate game with a vehicle, then get out and stalk them. Seems like it would be tough to enforce, but nonetheless.


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He shot the Bear and HE WON

For everyone here, I have known this man for way more years than either of us care to admit:cheers:. This man doesn't waste anyone's time telling stories that are anything but the truth. I got the whole story with all the details this afternoon and if you could have heard it you would still be rolling. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I wish I could have seen the GW's face when the shot rang out :hair::hair::hair: coming from deep in the woods.

Just one more note. In all the years I have known this man I have never known him to come close to being unethical in his hunting habits.

Still wish I could have seen the look on the GW's face and that you could have gotten a picture for "the book".
well,sounds like u were legal.im just thankful none of the game wardens were shot.guess they'll take this one back to the chalkboard and work out the kinks.
Man you have a free weekend of hunting on our lease waiting on you if you will just come down and tell this story in person around a campfire one night................:cheers:
What's the deal with this thread I can't see past my second post on page #2??

Weird. Done everything including deleting cookies, etc and nothing...

"Warning Tickets"



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This is by far the funniest thing I've read on here. I can't stop laughing. I would have loved to see the expression on the GW face when you fired off.