I think I just killed my biggest Fl. buck ever!

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I came home to keep from pushing him and figured I would get on here and waste some time. Not that this is wasting time! This is the spot I have posted about a couple of times in the last few days. 14 scrapes with loads of deer activity. I have passed on a nice 6 and a bunch of does, although I did kill a doe Thursday PM. :D I almost got attacked by a buck this morning in the dark and then didn't see any more deer. This evening I bumped deer at 4:30 going in. From 5:45 to 6:45 I watched a 4 and 6 pointer chase a poor little ole doe around like crazy. Had a spike and another doe and yearling come in to watch the show as well. At 6:50 the two little bucks came running by me heading North with no doe in front of them? Then the doe came by, I said to myself this is it! Sure enough he came out and took about the next 15 minutes surveying everything. I told the doe that if she would just bring him to me I promise I will make him leave you alone. She did, and I did, I think. I am real confident of the shot but didn't want to take a chance. I am headed out the door to look for him and will let y'all know what I find. I think he is a real nice, chocolate horned 8pt that will probably go in the 90's? That is good for a club that gets hammered with dogs and they don't cull nothing. I have hunted this buck as much as momma would let me for 5 days now. I hope I got him. See Ya!


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Keep us posted and hope things turn out good.

I'll bet Momma will be proud --- now the grass will get mowed! :D


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You backed off eh?

Well, in that case he'l probably be laying within 50yds of where you last saw him, down a nice wide blood trail that a blind man could follow... You done good!!! I know its the best thing whenever there's a question, but danged if it won't be a long hard night... let us know and share a pic with us!!!!
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Just got back from cleaning him! He didn't go more than 75 yards and fell just out of sight from my stand. I still feel good about giving him an hour even though I felt pretty solid about the shot. A fuzz high in the lungs with an exit just below the imaginary center line of his body. Very, very little blood trail though? I guess the cavity had to fill up first and he wasn't on his feet for more than 10 seconds after the shot. He is a very nice 8 point for Florida, at least my hunting club. They kill some pigs just South of where I live but my club still has a bunch of dog hunters who shoot anything with 5"s of bone above his head. I haven't put the tape to him yet but I figure he will push the mid 90's. Not real wide but tall and has good tine length. He is no doubt the biggest buck to come off our lease since 1999. Only weighed 135lbs. which ain't bad around here but I figure if he has been doing what he was doing tonight for very long he has shed a few pounds. One of his ears is torn up real bad with a bunch of puss oozing out of it. I hope there isn't a bigger one in there, I don't think my heart could stand it.
Woody just so you know the convicts at the prison cut our grass! Heck I was 17 years old and in college before I knew grass got longer than 3"s, ours always stayed nice and short! :D
Pics will probably be Monday. Got some sweet ones with a buddies digital camera.
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Y'all probably already know this but this was a bow kill. Our archery season ends tomorrow and blackpowder starts next Saturday. I guess we are a little slow down here in Florida. I have been confused for a couple of weeks now. I have bowhunted in Fl and Ga, hunted with a muzzleloader and rifle in Ga, and came home and started back bowhunting. I find all kinds of junk in my pack when I get to the stand!


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Congrats DP

glad you found the deer, looking forward to some pics :)

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Went back this morning to retrieve my arrow that we left in there last night and figured what the hay I might as well climb in for an hour or so and see what happens. About 7:45 this morning a doe came trotting by me and wouldn't slow down for anything. About 3 minutes later here comes the little 4 point from yesterday evening grunting up a storm following her. I grunted to him and he wheeled around and started acting stupid like he was a bruiser or something. I had him dead to rights at 15 steps for at least 3 minutes. He finally walked off and I grunted him back in! He finally cut the does track and off he went, urrrrrp, urrrrrp, urrrrrp! I am going to let a buddy of mine hunt the stand during blackpowder and see what he can do. He hasn't killed a thing yet this year.

Brandon if you read this you will like the message on the arrow I used to kill the 8pt. I always put something on the odd vane and this one read, "BIG E #3". Got it all cleaned up and ready to sit on the rack!


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Thats what im talking about!!! Im sure Dale sure appreciates the hunt...I did the same thing earlier this year....I number my arrows in the order I want to shoot them....I decided to hunt with #3 on the second day of the season and killed a big doe!!

Can't wait to see the pics!