I understand the PF is gone, but why?

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I read through all the posts regarding the PF and I understand that it’s gone, at least for now. What I didn’t see explained is why. Will a mod kindly post something to explain?

I probably spent more time on the PF than any other part of the forum and I’m disappointed to see it has been removed.



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The mods have been very tight lipped about it. I'd love an explanation too but I don't think we will yet one.


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We are going thru some changes and for the better. There’s no way we can discuss this touchy topic at this time. woodies was meant to be a outdoor forum as the main menu! We included several other forums to round out the place. Give members a full spectrum of what we like to discuss! It was always intended for the outdoors to be number 1.
With that said visit our other forums and enjoy woodies as intended !
This is just a momentary set back.
please refrain from threads of this nature til we feel like it’s time to do our part.
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