I wish Glock would...

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Build a full-size single stack 10mm/45 based loosely on the G37. I saw the Gen5 G22 will have a slightly beefier slide. Could a combo of this and a grip with more room fore/aft to accommodate the 10mm work? It would open the door for 10mm in a less brick-ish gun. 10+1 10mm the same size as a G22 would be neat....


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Well done @jiminbogart

You spotted that one right away.


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I can’t stand trolls.....and I hate democrats.

Often they are one in the same....
I enjoy trolling dems on Twitter/facebook. Its super easy. And sometimes satisfying. Oh also enjoy trolling peta, and vegan's. But never my own kind (Republicans, hunter's, gun enthusiasts, outdoorsman's, etc...)


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Glocks are "brick-ish." Their ergos are more akin to a cinder block!!!:p:p:p:p

I’ve got nothing against them...and can understand the appeal.

Just not my thing.

I simply prefer a 1911 for carry.

This morning’s coffee along with today’s carry gun.... a danged accurate.45 that carries well.




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Troll or not I have wished for a Glock 10mm in between the 29 and 20. Although like Dub I prefer a 1911 for carry.
You should have posted earlier.

The troll made his daily check at 0355.