Ideas for when you are locked down?


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So simple even a woman can do it!


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Yeah I opted for chickens too. Got them last Wednesday. Got started on my coop this weekend. Got most of the coop framed up and should be done with it this weekend. Then just need to build the run. They should be ready to go in the coop in the middle of May.


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That wire ain’t gonna work in south ga. Coon or possum will pull them heads right off through that wire.
I had a rooster that I had to use live animal trap to catch. Caught him one night and they picked him clean by next morning. I mean nothing but bones left.

Jim Boyd

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I am fortunate that my hunt lands in SC are accessible.

Wanted to go to Illinois farms this spring and that is not gonna happen, at least not right away.

But, nevertheless:

Shoot bows

Build tree stands

Repair and modify existing tree stands

Glass bed rifle(s) - this will be one of my projects this year

Build ozonics locker for clothes and gear

PM all the tractors, ATV and UTV’s

Repair busted farm implements

Sharpen knives

Clean the barn

Clean the camper and seal the roof

Build a skinning rack

the list can be endless.....

280 Man

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My hunting land is two miles from my home so nothing will change for me! Matter of fact I'm headed over there in a hour or so!