If it's worth doing it's worth overdoing Lanier w/pics

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This week I only made it out on two afternoon runs. Our new house at Cast Away Cove is just about complete and I've been wearing out a path from our current house to the lake house making final decisions and overseeing the finishing work. For those who know me know my motto has always been "if it's worth doing it's worth overdoing" and that holds true for my fishing. For the past few weeks there's been a pretty good fluke bite and I've been catching a bunch of good fish on the fluke. So many that I ran out the other day and the only flukes I had in my fluke bag were those big 7 inch magnum flukes. I don't even know why I bought those giant flukes but they wound up in my tackle box. I'd been rigging my regular flukes nose hooked with a wide gap circle hook so I put one of the big flukes on a the wide gap and gave it a cast. I found that I could cast that big fluke a country mile so I started casting over some offshore brush and it didn't take long till a nice 4lber came up and crushed the big fluke. Later it was the stripers turn as a nice 8 pound striper took off with the fluke pulling drag as he went. Every once in a while a nice fish would whack the big fluke and I found it's been a good choice this past week. Your not going to catch numbers on it but it seems that just about every year when it starts cooling down these fish get interested in the bigger swimbaits so that 7 inch fluke was just the right size for a few big ones. Water temps look to be around 70 if my sonar was correct and there might be some turnover areas on the lake right now.
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sweet! The big flukes always work really well for me in the rivers.

I was throwing a big swimbait yesterday evening and lost a Spot that’s gonna haunt me for many, many years.

Call me crazy, but that bigger spot almost looks like he has a touch of shoalie blood in him, or maybe it’s just the light.